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If beauty was any reason to buy a sex toy, well then this sex toy should be flying off the shelves left and right. It is amazing in its construction and in its design and is truly a beautiful piece of work to look at.
It is a little over 5 inches tall with approximately 1.5 inches in width; a respectable size that will fit any newcomer comfortably and will please any seasoned user as well.
The comfort of the size is just the beginning as this sex toys amazing qualities. If you start at the top you will notice a penis shaped head that is gently rounded for easy insertion. As you move down the shaft, the textured design, not only adds to its beauty, but it also offers additional stimulation that massages the vaginal walls.
Beneath the head and all these magnificent textured etchings on the shaft are massaging beads that gently rotate and also offer additional stimulation to the vaginal walls. And as the shaft rotates you will feel amazing sensations, but that is not all this amazing sex toy has to offer.
The clitoral stimulator is in the shape of a butterfly and offers not only antennae that target the clitoris, but it also has textured wings to massage the labia as well.
It hits every single spot you could possibly imagine and offers stimulation to every key area so that you can be sure that you will have an orgasm to rival any other orgasm you have had before it.
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A dandy rabbit for every woman

If you'll ask a person which is the most famous sex toy among women she/he would definitely claim: "The Rabbit Vibrator, of course!". No wonder! The very sex toy is a real celebrity! But what makes this cute vibrating sex toy be a fly in milk? Certainly, its functions. A rabbit vibe is thought out to simultaneously please a woman's three hot targets: her adorable clitoris, vaginal opening and hidden G-spot. How does this playful rabbit bring orgasms? Just look at it! Notice the bunny's ears attached to the shaft!They are perfect for clitoral canoodling. Voila its rotating shaft! It's meant to tease her mysterious G-spot. How about the hollow sphere filled with enticing beads? Yeah! Absolutely true! Totally dedicated to your luscious vagina and backdoor! In a nutshell, that's the perfect sex toy for you! Just give it a chance and let this jiggly bunny make your privates be on cloud nine!

How to use a rabbit vibrator

If you love deep penetration, you can freely experience it! You have to get on your 4s or lay on back and place your feet up on the wall. Then let the cute rabbit vibrator interfere! Both positions provide deep penetration. Most women like hands-free stimulation. Just put your legs together. Then delicately squeeze the dong with your pelvic muscles. Let your vaginal muscles show their prowess!

Males do also use rabbit vibrators!

Perhaps it sounds weird to you, but yes! They use it, too! Be more ingenious and titillate your partner's nipples, testicles, perineum and anus with this amazing sex toy. Before engaging in game with a rabbit vibrator, make sure you have lubricants handily. You'd better resort to a water based lubricant for not irritating your skin and the toy's material. After you've done, make sure you clean your sex toy with maximum attention and care. Use a piece of clothing or a special sex toy cleaner. Keep it neat, dry and always ready for passionate escapades!

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