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Fresh Sensations for Couple
There is a belief that it's hard to keep the intensity of emotions in long term relationship.»
Sex in the Morning
2010-06-16   Sex in the Morning

Sometimes it's too hard to wake up early in the morning. You don't want to part with your favorite pillow, warm blanket, but you should go to work.»
Lovely Buns
2010-06-09   Lovely Buns

All the guys surely know about this erogenous zone, but they seem to forget it, going in for boobs...»
Tenderness and Passion
2010-06-02   Tenderness and Passion

Spiritual love and unrestrained excitement, the ocean of tenderness and a storm of passion - all this can be expressed with the help of some skilful touches.»
New Sexual Weapon
2010-05-26   New Sexual Weapon

One more effective method of sexual seduction has been discovered by British scientists.»
New Sexual Weapon
2010-05-26   New Sexual Weapon

One more effective method of sexual seduction has been discovered by British scientists.»
Love Game No Shame
2010-05-19   Love Game No Shame

Nothing enriches relationship, as love games. Sex is a great chance to express your love.»
Apathy after Sex is Normal
If you feel sad and blues after sex, it's not the reason to get upset! And it does not mean he did something wrong.»
No Orgasm No Health
2010-05-06   No Orgasm No Health

What can be more vital than the sound health? How to stay positive and healthy?»
Pet Your Kitty and Turn Him On
Tell me, guys, what whip you up more - when your girl rub herself in front of you or when you watch adult movies?»
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Vibrators represent sex toys aimed to deliver clitoral, vaginal or anal orgasms. These erotic accessories are destined to penetrate a woman's vagina, anus, a man's anus and stimulate the clitoris, nipples, G-spot and prostate gland. The penetrative devices are made from different materials and strike by a rich assortment of colors, shapes, styles, textures, functions, etc. One thing is common - they all vibrate. Each vibe includes a vibrating element which delivers delicate or more intense rhythmic vibrations. The speed can be adjusted according to everyone's preferences and tastes. These kind of sex toys is perfect for both men and women; singles and couples; foreplay, masturbation and coitus. So, buy vibrators and make your sex life truly fulfilling with these buzzing utensils!

G-spot vibrator

G-spot vibrator represents a female sex toy designed to skilfully stimulate a woman's hidden G-spot. Most G-spot vibes depict a slightly curved construction which is cleverly designed to precisely locate this sensuous hill. Most G-spot vibrators are phallus-shaped. However, there are many other types that strike by a more eccentric or exotic shape.

Types of G-spot vibrators:

Traditional G-spot vibrator - that's a classic type which depicts a slightly curved shaft endowed with a round tip; Male G-spot vibrators are meant to stimulate a man's responsive prostate gland;
Rabbit G-spot vibrator - a classic Rabbit Vibrator that features a curved shape;
G-spot vibe endowed with clitoral and/anal anal stimulators - for triple action;
G-spot vibrators with interchangeable heads - the very accessory comes complete with some interchangeable heads which are differently shaped and texturized.
Buy vibrators and make your G-spot be on cloud nine! For mindblowing sensations and explosive orgasms!

How should you look after your vibrator?

Just follow these golden rules and be sure, your sex toy will lead a healthy, enjoyable life.
- Always keep it clean, dry and store it in a comfortable place, be it a special pillow, case or box crafted by you.
- Clean the sex toy with warm water and soap or special sex toy cleaners or wipes purchased in any sex shop.
- If your vibrator isn't waterproof, make sure you don't let water enter the accessory (around the batteries or motor).
- Never immerse a non-waterproof vibrator in water!
- If you don't use the device, make sure you retrieve the batteries from the toy to prevent corrosion.
Buy vibrators, focus on your pleasure and be ready to reach for the Realm of Orgasms right now, right here

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